Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The elf and fairies have finally arrived.

Tree Elf House

I'm so pleased with how this rustic elf door
turned out, all I used to make the door was a
picture frame and icy pole sticks.

Added a couple of bells from the
Lindt Chocolate Bunny, found a
couple of little hinges and a
miniature hoe and rake.


The only item I bought for this project
was the mushroom, everything else I
already had.

The night glass night light was some
type of bauble I found mixed up with
my scrapbooking stuff, I just attached
a silver button with some wire to it
and secured it again with wire to a
nail in the tree.

Woodland Animals

The elf and fairies have to share the
front yard with a few other animals.

Both our back and front yards still
aren't finished yet - but we're slowly
getting there and yes this is artificial
grass, we don't need to be
slaves to a garden at our
time of life.

The red steps up to the elf door are
actually glass tiles left over from a recent
on going kitchen project (more on that later).
They've just been glued to the back of
a ceramic tile.

The Elf Door

One thing I would highly recommend if you're 
thinking about putting one of these doors in your
garden, is to protect the door as much as possible
from the weather.

I've given my doors three coats of paint and
many coats of varnish so they don't deteriorate
too quickly - of course any untreated wood left
out in the elements won't last very long.

Now for the fairy house...

Fairy Door

Sorry, it has a glare from the camera, however
you can see the coats of varnish.

Once again I made this from icy pole sticks
just glued to a thin piece of board, painted
and varnished. The little door knob is just
an earring, the metal letters are from my
scrapbooking supplies and I used wire
to give the appearance that the rustic
door was just held together with the wire.

Fairy Garden House

When Gracie first bought her rats she also bought a little
wooden house for them (this is part of it), the rats have
now moved into a bigger one so I pulled this one apart
and attached the door with wire. The lock came from an
unwanted cheap charm bracelet.

Too cute

This one has been set as part
of the rock border.

Also, if you want your fairy
doors to last outside and are
using icy pole sticks please
glue them to a backing board
first to make it sturdy and
more durable.

I'm thinking of putting a little
tin roof on this house just to
give it added protection.

Now for the fairy door entrance...

Fairy Door

This one was quite difficult to capture properly on
camera due to the glare and these photos really
don't do it justice.

I didn't make this fairy door, these are
commercially made and just gorgeous.

They are made for inside the house.

This one was blue, I painted it pink and
glittered it up then added three coats of
varnish - even though it isn't in the
garden, it is protected from the weather
in one of our outside entrances, however
it can get quite dusty here and with the
glitter, it would be difficult to clean if
I didn't coat it.

Fairies and Mushrooms

These doors come with a little glass
jar of fairy dust in the same colour as
the door, I changed mine to pink.

They have a little cork stopper in
the top which I glued and then
glued the jar to the pelmet on the fairy
door. The doors actually have
some weight to them and come with
double sided tape that I
ditched, preferring to use a strong
glue instead.

Fairy Garden

There are quite a few companies that manufacture
these fairy doors and you can buy a number of
accessories to go with them.

I made these mushrooms myself...

Mushroom Making

These were easy.
In the shed I found some wooden
door stoppers that I used for the
stems - painted first with pink, then
silver, finished off with a coat of varnish.

For the two bigger mushrooms I
cut a craft polystyrene ball in half,
gouged out a bit in the middle so
that it molded nicely to the stem, then
droved a nail in the middle of it, painted
and varnished again.

For the top of the two smaller ones, I
just used big craft buttons and then
secured them to the stem by using a couple
of coloured drawing pins.

Just saying...

Window Displays

So, I updated my window displays to tie in with
the fairy, elf theme.

My wash day window didn't get much of an update, I
just added a new washing basket and a couple of
Dwarf / Gnome books.

Pooh Bear here is guiding the way
to the fairies.

Dolls House

I've added a number of items to the dolls house
and will add an update soon, I now have issue
66, and there are only 4 issues left.

No, I don't sell coffee, I bought this
blackboard from a shop that was
closing down in Ganmain about
three years ago.

The Woodland Folk

These books are adorable, there are more in the series
that I don't have yet, not easy to track them down.

And more fairies

The Mary Gilmore Cultural Festival is coming up
in October, I'm just going to move a few things around
in this window and add a collection to it.

The Bird isn't real

It gets unbelievably hot inside these
windows, even in winter and it's one
of the reasons I like to change the
displays and clean them in the wee
hours of the morning - when they're
at their coolest. They're like a
sauna in summer.

Wash Day Display

It's wash day and a bit more.

This display has been up for a while now and
I've crammed so much stuff into it, I'm not too
keen on taking it down in a hurry.

Kitchen / Wash Day


This seat is on my hit list to be painted.
Hubby isn't pleased as it's Jarrah, well -
once I get the undercoat on there will be
no stopping me.

It really is over due for a good oiling and
is a dust magnet that's driving me mad, I
think painting it will bring it to life and
make cleaning it a lot easier.

Partworks Dolls House

Even though this series will be coming to an
end soon, it won't be the end of the doll house
updates as I'll be needing some lighting, people
and other bits and pieces for it.

This Window

I'm not so pleased now with the
curtains in this window and
I'll have something different
happening in time for the
Mary Gilmore Festival.

Those who don't believe in
magic, will never find it.
- Roald Dahl


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