Saturday, 19 April 2014


Well, there's no use being a hypocrite - Easter in
our house doesn't have anything to do with Jesus.

This week I've seen a lot of finger pointing
and negative comments by the Easter Police
on social media criticising people for giving
presents and failing to remember the true
meaning of Easter, however the term
'Easter' has nothing to do with
Jesus and does not come from
the Bible.

Easter Presents

We've always given a few gifts to Gracie
besides the usual chocolate bunnies and eggs.

It's quite interesting how some
of our celebrations, traditions
and observances started.

The Easter Bunny, Easter Parades, Easter
Bonnets, Easter Cards and Chocolate Eggs
have absolutely nothing to do with
the resurrection of Jesus - and the hot
cross bun is another story altogether.

I see that the holiday catch phrase
usually touted around at Christmas
is being used for Easter now...
'Remember the reason for the
season' with a few variations around
the wording, however I do
find it slightly bemusing when I
see it being used by people that
aren't religious at all, only pray
when they're in trouble and the last
time they set foot inside a church was to
attend a wedding or a funeral.

Turtle Mania

Gracie was saving up for an
Apple iPod Touch - we decided
to buy it for her along with the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
iPod accessories.

Everyone has the right to
celebrate or not celebrate
Easter or any other holiday
as they wish.

Apple iPod Touch

The Easter Bunny arrives at our house
when he feels like it and it just so happened
that he visited late Thursday night.

Doggy Treats

We can't leave out Shadow, he
deserves some presents and has
already tucked into his Porky Puffs.

Sterling Silver Whales
Tail Pendant

Gracie despises whaling and
supports the Sea Shepherd - we've
been searching for a decent whales
tail pendant for a while and come across
this one for her.

One Direction Perfume

This bottle is almost finished
so for our non Easter celebration
Gracie was given a new bottle.

This perfume actually smells
really nice and I believe there's
another version coming
out this month.

Turtle Speaker

Hubby and I don't give each
other gifts other than a few
favourite chocolates and of
course we tuck into some
hot cross buns because
we like them.

Cherry Liqueur Chocolates

These are my indulgence, hubby
has a monster Toblerone to get
through and we all have an
Easter Bunny each.

However you decide to spend
the next four days of the Easter
holiday period, I hope you
stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

Some people are afraid
of the darkness.
Others are afraid to leave it.


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