Sunday, 1 January 2017



It was a good year for us and a completely crappy year for the world as a whole.

First up is some of our family stuff for 2016 and then I move
onto the creeps that crawled out of the woodwork
in 2016 to spread their violence, hatred, homophobic and racist views.

I'm making a New Year's Resolution
 To get my learner licence. So stay tuned.

New Kluger Grande

We've always been a one car family with one driver.
We bought our old Kluger Grande in 2003 brand new and it's been
a reliable vehicle for 13 years.

New Yaris Accent

We replaced our old faithful Kluger last month with a brand new 2016
Kluger Grande and another car...for me. A new 2016 Yaris Accent.
I need something small that I feel confident in handling and I just can't see
myself driving the Kluger as a first time driver so the lovely little Yaris fits
me perfectly. And as you can see, it's very pink and just waiting in our
carport for me to get behind the wheel.

The bonus of buying two cars
together gave us a great deal.

We had the Toyota accessories like the side steps, tow bar, bull bar etc..
added after we'd taken delivery of the Kluger.

I didn't have any Toyota accessories added to my car but
I did go a bit wild in Supercheap Auto for my ''bling'' and actually found
bright pink floor mats.

I love my little Barbie Car

In 2016 we just travelled along with our peaceful lives - drama free.

Packed away for the hot months ahead

We didn't venture too far - we had other things on the boil.

With more time spent at home we got stuck into work that needed
to be done around the place - in between the heat of course.

Synthetic grass, environmentally friendly
and in our case too lazy to mow.

We've had so much more gravel and bark mulch delivered I never thought
I'd see the end of it. I'm pleased I have a strong back.

We still have one more area to clean and dress and that's been organised for
the new year, although I'm not looking forward to carting and spreading more gravel.

Thanks to our nice gravel man, he got his truck in as
tight as he could to where we needed the dressing.


We also try to re-use as many unwanted products as possible.

The brick edging in the above photo came from our chimney
stacks that we had taken down a few years back and the
tradesman that did the job for us didn't let us down, they
look better than we expected and will last for many
more decades to come.

The synthetic grass in this path are those synthetic grass
tiles that click together. Another good buy from Bunnings.

This man cave is now under new management.

In 30 plus degree heat I managed to clean out and reorganise our shed and double carport. 

The extra space in the carport area was needed for two cars and I love being able to find things in the shed. Hubby thinks I've taken it over and he's right. He's had plenty of opportunity to get that shed in order and now it's under my management.

The shed after the ''Michelle'' clean

Once I started cleaning out the shed it became clear it was going to be
a bigger job than I first thought.

I even found our old toilet (I'm not exaggerating) in a plastic
storage tub and the more tubs and cupboards I opened in
the shed the worse it became. 

One for the ladies
My drill Kit
It's lighter than hubby's drills and easier for me to use

Anyway, I only have one area of the shed to finish now and one
more trip to the tip in the new year and I'll be finished.

The shed also has all new bench tops either side and
 I've given it a few other touches to keep out the dust
and cobwebs.

Did you know shower curtains are a neat idea to hang in front of bookcases and
shelving in a shed to help keep out the dust

Buy good quality matching shower curtains, get rid of the curtain rings and use the plastic
coated curtain stretch wire to hang them from the shelving.
The curtains themselves can be easily dusted and once every now
and they can be thrown in the washing machine and re-hung immediately.

I'll put up some pics in my next post. 

New pantry cupboards

Our walk in pantry is almost finished being revamped.
It's all been stripped out and painted.

Carpet tiles

We decided to lay carpet tiles on the pantry floor.
They were easy to lay and they make the space look
neat and clean.


Our walk in pantry is divided into two sections.
One end houses our hot water system and after discussions
with the plumber the cost to move it outside wouldn't be
worth it so I decided to use a dressing screen to hide it and
close it off from the pantry. I haven't extended the carpet
tiles around the hot water system for obvious reasons.

From Bunnings for use on the sliding pantry door when I've repainted it

Spotlight did a great job with our new inside blinds.
Waiting for what's been ordered for the outside.
We'll see the pergola being finished off in the new year - finally.

Verticals in the family room and kitchen

So, all the curtains inside the house have been replaced with black blinds.
All verticals in the family room and kitchen and roller blinds in all the
other rooms.

Love them

I still need curtains for the display windows and have all
the material from Spotlight to make matching gingham ones.

The glass man did an outstanding job installing our new tinted glass sliding door in the family room and new windows in our bedroom and dressing room. Now we have tightly sealed windows we can organise to get those rooms painted in 2017.

Nothing happened that couldn't be fixed, medicated, operated on
or accepted as ''it could be worse." 

I visited the Doctor for the first time in just over four
years - I shouldn't have bothered and possibly could have worked
out for myself it was just a really bad case of hay fever.

Hopefully she won't see me again for another four years or more.


 Don't laugh because I don't even believe in them and I have no idea what
they really are but I do see and hear these ''things'' and whatever they
are that have been lurking around our house for years have gone quiet
for the last half of 2016.

Perhaps they took offence at me telling them to get lost - and they did.
I hope they don't find their way back anytime soon.
They're a tad noisy and we can do without seeing things
walking about the place that aren't supposed to be here.

Jamie Oliver canisters
Paying $16.00 instead of $32.00 was a good deal

Jamie Oliver:
As most of you know I just love all things J.O.

In 2016 I came across some really nice J.O. kitchen products
and I've never paid full price for any of them.

Woolworths pop some of his products out quite often for half
price and less so I'm always on the lookout.

Christmas decorations:
I'm well and truly over Christmas deco.

While I was cleaning out in 2016 I
rounded up the lot, including
the tree and got rid of them.
Easter's got the chop as well.

Christmas Day 2016: 
How lovely it was. 
Peaceful, relaxing, quiet, no noise or stress.

Cake soaked in mango and orange jelly, a port wine jelly layer
Creamy custard layer topped with cream and crushed nuts

I cooked a roast that was all prepared the day before.
Roast lamb, Jamie Oliver Turkey, roast veggies, home made trifle and pavlova.
I made a Shepherd's Pie with the left over lamb and it was de-lish.

Shadow enjoyed his doggy candy cane

Our dear furbaby will be 10 years old soon.
He's travelling along well for his age, I put it down to the good life he's living.
He didn't have too many problems in 2016 and mainly
visited the Vet to have his nails clipped - he hates having them done.


The world in 2016
The good, the bad and the plain ugly and disgusting of
human behaviour spewed forth in 2016 and those
nasty pieces of work will be with us as we roll into 2017.

Up there are the worst of the worst:
When it comes to people like Trump and Hanson, don't
mistake their racist remarks for patriotism.


Then there's the rest of them. 
All leading the world to hell in a hand basket.

And why are people like Trump and Hanson so popular?

It's simple, they preach to the lowest common denominators in our society.
You know, the people that are fed up but think some loud mouth egomaniac cult like
leader can make all their dreams come true.

They just believe what they're told and read - like ''fake news'' stories that
they smugly and stupidly re-post on their Facebook wall before they put
their brains into gear and then they regurgitate those posts
elsewhere because they're too lazy and ignorant to do any research themselves
and yet when they're presented with actual evidence they scream

The Alt-right: (Alt-reich)

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck
then lets call the Alt-reich by their correct names
so we can all understand what they stand for.

White Supremacy

The best response in 2016:

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year.

“You are free to choose, but you are not free to alter
the consequences of your decisions.”
- Ezra Taft Benson


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