Sunday, 1 March 2015


For all the Metti doll and toy collectors, there is a real treat towards the bottom of this post.

A black and white video from 1970 of Bobo the Clown visiting
The House of Metti.

First up, I have this sweet all original Metti doll that I can't find a name for.

Isn't she just adorable?

She is unmarked, however is one hundred percent, Metti.
Her dress material has been used for the bottom part of a dress in another Metti doll, different colour though.

All original Metti doll

If you Google Metti Dolls and click on images you'll come across this same doll, she was pinned on Pinterest when she was first listed for sale.

You'll recognise her by the big blue ink stain under her right knee - this is the same doll.
I bought her, and with the use of Acne Cream and sunlight over many weeks, managed to make the ugly stain disappear.

Don't automatically right dolls off that have deep ink marks or stains, as you can see they can be effectively removed without causing any damage to the doll as long as you are careful.

Short hair Metti Doll

So, I can't find her, although she is the exact same doll as Sonia, only
with shorter hair.

She scrubbed up very well and her clothes washed up nice and bright.
One thing I really love about these dolls is their hair, even after all this time it's still so glossy.

All this one needed was a soft brush and no washing at all.

If you ever have to wash your doll's hair please don't use shampoo, only use conditioner or laundry fabric softener so as not to dry the hair out.

If you don't need to wash your doll's hair but it smells a bit musty, just rub some Lavender Oil or similar onto your hands and gently rub your hands over the hair.

Metti Sonia on the right and
her sister ? on the left

If you know the name of this darling little girl please email me.

I would like to thank Daniella Metti for allowing me to share this video.

It is in black and white, has no sound so I've added some music:

The Music Box Dancer, Richard Clayderman and Pachelbel Cannon in D Major, arranged for a Music Box.

This video is not searchable on Youtube and can only be accessed via the link on this blog.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
I've loved spotting the dolls I know by name and the ones I'm yet to know, as well as having a glimpse at how all those wonderful dolls were assembled.

All those lovely boxed dolls towards the end of the video
are just *beautiful*

My savings tip:

Keep an eye out for store promotions.

Look at all the hair care items we received for only $63.00. 

The total value: $270.00.

This is how it all worked.

The offer was to spend $40.00 on certain brands of hair car products and receive this bag full of more hair care products and vouchers totalling $190.00.

Gracie and I had a list of products we needed that totalled $80.00, however as
I belong to the rewards program I had a cash back voucher of $17.00, so all of
the above only cost $63.00, saving a whopping $207.00 when added to the goody bag of products totalling $190.00.

I still have vouchers totalling over $40.00 to use.

The other bonus is, the $63.00 I spent counts towards my next cash back.


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