Thursday, 21 May 2015


A bit of everything in this post.

What happened in Bali.

I'll start by stating, I do not support the death penalty - ever, but please don't mistake my stance on that, for how I feel about drugs or for what those two men did and the consequences of their actions had they not been caught, however strapping human beings to a board and executing them via a firing squad is barbaric. Keeping them in prison and utilising whatever skills they had is...civilised and just, and to all those people that came out on social media cheering for the execution to happen - absolutely
disgusting and shameful, my bet is that some of you toddle off
to church each week with your 'other' face on.

Pete Evans and the Paleo Diet.

Activated almonds, maca, millet, sorghum, gia and kale are not something I associate with real food, however adults are free to eat whatever they like, but the alarm bells should really be ringing with his DIY baby milk formula recipe...surely, what he's suggesting in that recipe can't be right. Pleased the original publisher has shelved plans to publish the book, not pleased that Pete Evans is going to release a digital version and very pleased that the Federal Health Department is going to investigate.

Real food, sustainable meals, I know where to
find the ingredients, what they actually look like
and how to pronounce them.

Politics and trials:

I don't support any particular party, I'm a fence sitter these days and was fortunate enough to be invited to share my thoughts on the Budget after it was delivered (no, I don't get paid for this).
I was quite surprised at the fairness of the budget, not too much to complain about, I also road tested a Government initiative (via a University) to do with 'relationships' which in my opinion would be a total waste of Taxpayer's money, plus a few other panels I've been chosen to be apart of over the past year have been rather interesting and I'm looking forward to participating in more of them and of course road testing other various products.

Electrical Appliances: 

My all time favourite gadget at the moment is the Philips Airfryer, why did I wait so long to buy one? This is the best thing since sliced bread. Love it.
I won't go into the washing machine drama but I now have a front loader that's working like a charm (fingers crossed it stays that way), the new Bosch Pet Vacuum Cleaner I posted about earlier is also working well and doing the job it's supposed to do and so is the Bissell AirRam we bought last year, it's great for those quick vac jobs, I highly recommend both of these products.

Philips Airfryer.

I'm always saying that our electrical appliances gang up on us, two air conditioners started to fail, ended up buying a new one and the other one was easily fixed with a new something board (can't remember now), the bathroom light/heat thing needs replacing, have the new one ready to go, the hot water system decided to not heat, easily fixed though, another new something board and it's running better than ever and our front door bell was totally useless, thanks to a Telstra product we have an intercom one that goes
straight to our phone.

Testing: Wax melts in an electric candle warmer.

We have some trips planned this year, had a few things done to Mouse House as well. This checker plate was added to the front just before Christmas last year to replace the vinyl looking stuff we knew wouldn't last the distance when we bought the van. New taps, have just ordered a new mattress, pick it up next month. Caravan beds aren't all the same size as a regular bed and the fellow we bought the van from purchased a new normal double bed mattress and it's been a nuisance for us - much bigger than it should be.

New Checker Plate.

Have been planning on making all new caravan curtains for a while. A few weeks ago Spotlight reduced the blackout curtain material, 40% off their entire range, a huge saving that I just couldn't miss so now I'll be making those long awaited curtains this week plus black ones for our bedroom (in the house). I chose black netting to go behind the new burgundy caravan curtains as I have a new colour scheme in mind. I've just pulled everything out of the caravan to reline shelves, paint some more as well as reorganise and do a whole new revamp.

Black out material and other stuff.

Next year we'll be replacing the upholstery, fridge and aircon with something new and improved as well as some other ideas I have...the cupboards.

Look for an update on a different type of cooking, something I'm just about to invest in, mainly for the caravan but can be used at home as well.
Have toys will travel:

Humphrey, Vivian and Bindi all travelled to Melbourne
to take part in a Metti Display at the Toy Fair.

Metti Toys.

Book fair:
Visited the local Rotary Book fair on Saturday, didn't disappoint, always a nice day out, found some good books and a lovely Aussie vintage one I've been after for years (see pic below) and the funds Rotary receive all go to good causes.

Jacko the Broadcasting Kookaburra.
More than just a book, a real piece of Australian Broadcasting history that not a lot of people are aware of and a significant book in another way as well...think Koala. I'll have a blog about this book soon.

Jamie Oliver: 
Finally, the JO 16 cm bowls were reduced in price, after waiting so many months for Woolies to do this, I ended up purchasing 6 the other day but going back for more as they're a good size and 6 isn't enough for us.

Jamie Oliver bowls.

Pet rats have a life span of usually 2-3 years and Gracie's lived for just over 3. We now have a large pet cage that I'm going to upcycle and use outside. 

Our little boy Shadow turned 8 this year.

Well, it is cold now.

He never looks impressed but he just lets me dress him and then
he sits still for the camera.

Dolls House:
I've decided on the type of lighting.
Have been making some things on and off
for it, will have an update much later on.
Still haven't decided on the dolls for it yet.

Useful Tip:

We have different types of plastic drink bottles that we fill up with filtered water and keep in the fridge, some are not that easy to clean due to the shape and some just are not suitable for the dishwasher, like the Soda Stream bottles.

For peace of mind and to make sure they are
really clean and hygienic I use Milton's Solution (it's not exclusive
to baby bottles) as an extra and added precaution to the dishwasher
and also to hand washing them.

Milton Anti-Bacterial Solution

We even use the solution for Shadow's toys
and his rolling dry food ball.


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