Friday, 24 October 2014


Captured Fairies

My window displays are done, however
I've just added a few more items like
this jar of captured fairies.

I just adore these and this was so
easy to put together, I'm in the
process of making a few other different
types to add to my fairy book
houses - they'll all live on after
the window display.

Captured Fairies are free to leave

These three lovely fairies came
from a Cicely Mary Barker
fairy book that had seen better
days, these fairies were all
in tact and I love that they
are very vintage looking.

Fairiah Park

An unused terrarium - created a little fairy
garden I've called Fairiah Park.

The photos don't do it justice as
there's a lot going on in the
garden, three teapot fairy
houses are set on slightly
different levels to give it some
depth and dimension, the same as
I've done with the Captured Fairies.

Teapot Fairy Houses

Everything, including the terrarium
I already had and just added some colour
to the teapots, the standing lamp is made
from a scrapbooking bauble, I made a 
little ladder rope up to the main teapot
house, painted the gumnuts and used
icy pole sticks for both the signs.

The picture on the left is a candle castle
for fairies, a little tea light candle sits
at the bottom and lights up
the windows so that the fairies can
find their way home.

Book Fairies

So, fairies also like to live in
books. These are dead easy
to make and anything goes.

The more bashed about the
books are the better and they
really need to be very rustic
looking - the fairies source
bits and pieces from the garden
and around the house to cobble
together windows and doors to
give their book houses a unique
weathered look. Crooked, worn
and slightly aged look the best.

These are the three books I made and
I've just added a couple more to
the window - see below.

Rustic Fairy Book House

The books I've used were bought
from an Op Shop, especially for
this craft project as I couldn't deface any
from my own collection. Icy pole sticks, a
little twig, craft jewel, tissue
paper, craft flowers, paint, glue, buttons
and scrap material are all that were
used to make these.

Books, not just for reading

You're only limited by your imagination
when creating something like these.

Perhaps the Button Elf
lives in one. 

Front Door

You don't have to always have
side doors or windows. This was
a craft door I picked up, roughly painted
and just added a craft jewel and some keys.

I've now finished the front of this book.
See photo below.

Fairy Book Houses

Pleased with these ones
and I've just added them
back to my window display.

Fairy Window

I bought the two toadstool stools
specifically for this window and found
matching material at Spotlight for the
curtain ruffle and table cover.

I'll be able to reuse the stools
by just recovering them or
adding a throw to the top.

Fairy Door

I've shown this door before.
I did buy this one, repainted it, added
glitter and lacqueur.
This door is how the fairies
enter our house.

Doll House

All my doll house accessories
have now been added as the
magazine issues have ended.

I still have more to do though, I
think it's one of those things
that will never really
be competed.
I just love the sewing box.

"I think that people who can't believe
in fairies aren't worth knowing."
-Tori Amos

"A rustle in the wind reminds
us a fairy is near"
- Author unknown

Bench Seat

Now painted, this turned out well, I just
distressed it so it would look worn
in the obvious places.

Russian Nesting Doll Display

A doll, inside a doll, inside a doll.


This display window is mostly Russian Nesting
Dolls with some Beatrix Potter books, Dame Mary
Gilmore and stacks of Ladybird books that I
still haven't sorted out yet.

New Russian dolls and old Soviet Union Dolls

I often receive emails about where to buy the authentic
stacking dolls - the best place to buy is direct from a
retailer that deals specifically in them or with other
Russian items. You don't often find authentic stacking
dolls sold at markets, once you're familiar with the authentic
ones you will be able to tell the difference and it is mostly in the
dull, thin and sometimes clumsy paint work, lack of attention to
detail and some stacks don't fit together properly.

Third Display Window

The last window display is a mixture of
Harry Potter, spells, tarot cards and other
related items.

Crystals, Angels, Healing, Spells, Harry Potter and ...

I should probably mention -
(so that I don't receive strange emails like the last time)
I don't belong to a coven, a cult or any club that is in
any way connected to the items shown in this window
display and I don't want to join any either.

Just because someone owns some Harry Potter books
doesn't make them a Wizard, any more than it makes
me a Witch for owning a crystal ball and related items.

If I blog about Bibles and other
religious stuff - I'm a Holy Roller. If it's 
a tarot, spell related blog - I'm a Witch.

Hocus Pocus!
I can't be both. 

Books and Books

The Abelard Van Helsing books - Demon Hunter, Dragon Hunter
and I also have the Vampire one are just beautifully illustrated books
that I'll open up and show in another post.

And though you should live in a palace of
gold, or sleep in a dried up ditch,
You could never be as poor as the fairies
are, and never as rich.
~Rose Fyleman

I know when the fairies are
here, they ring this wind chime
high above their pink fairy door.

The Fairies are home

At night when the fairies have returned
to Fairiah Park, a light shines from the
top of their little garden home.

All you need is faith and trust
and a little pinch of fairy dust.


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