Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The Petitcollin Company, France has been around since 1860, it originally made combs then branched out into making toys - dolls are still being made today.

Petitcollin has produced some of the most gorgeous dolls and toys you'll ever see and when they came out with this 'Pop' range, I just wonder what was going through their heads.

Creepy Collin

You might think Creepy Collin is just a plastic
coloured doll, well, you'd be wrong.

This doll is actually a lamp.

Creepy Collin in action

The Bogey Man no longer lives under your bed, he's
in the lamp beside it.

I love the Petitcollin Pop range, however can't help but wonder if the manufacturer actually considered that a glowing green doll lamp that looks like it just crawled out of the black swamp would be something that would appeal to a young child, or if such a lamp might frighten the life out of them. 

A select few retailers imported some of these lamps and related
pop range of items from France to sell in Australia, the original price
of the lamp was $175.00 - that's quite a sum for a plastic
doll with a light inside of it.

Fuschia Petitcollin doll

Primrose, like Creepy Collin comes in many different colours.
She also isn't just a doll, she isn't a lamp either.

Petitcollin money box dolls

These are clever, they can be played with and dressed just like regular dolls.
Can be used as a money box or to store other little trinkets - as the plastic
slot comes off quite easily.

Petitcollin Snow Globes
(Captured Dolls)

Aren't they just delightful?

There's a whole range of these and not just in the pop range
either. I find them fascinating and strange at the same time.

Creepy Collin likes to play

I've checked the Petitcollin Catalogues for the Pop range and can see that the
Snow Globes first appeared in 2009, full Pop range appeared in 2010, the last of the lamps were in the 2012 catalogue, so they were sold for only two years.
There was also a small string of coloured dolls suitable for a cot or pram that were last sold in the 2013 catalogue.

The Pop range has now been discontinued.

A few of my Petitcollin Postcards

Lovely Petitcolin dolls shown in this postcard

Vintage Petitcollin Dolls - beautiful

Petitcollin doll postcard

If you're looking to buy their latest dolls, they are
available in Australia but unfortunately they
come at a price, however with many of their dolls
a lovely travel case is included as well as some clothes
and other accessories.

The lamps have a plug that isn't compatible
here in Australia so I have an adapter, however
that's only temporary as I'm going get the
electrician to change it.

Unusual, aren't they?

Household Tip:
If you don't want your bananas to ripen
too quickly make sure you don't leave them
connected at the stem with another banana.


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