Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Thought I would sneak this post in before I posted
my kitchen makeover photos.

This post has a bit of everything to do
with shopping, free gifts and loyalty rewards.

Jamie Oliver Dinnerware
Woolworths Program

I've been collecting these stickers
since the program started on the
13 August. It was due to end in
early November and has now
been extended to 23 December.

I decided the mugs were a must have, they're
a decent size and next would be the dinner plates
then side plates, however due to the dwindling
number of dinner plates and mugs, I bought
a whole lot in one go.

Woolworths Dinnerware Haul

I had the idea to buy 8 of each but since
they had only two boxes of dinner plates
left (6 plates in each box) I decided to
take all of them and ended up with
12 dinner plates, 8 side plates and 8 mugs.

For those that don't know how this all
works with the stickers and the price
you end up paying here is a run down.

For every $20.00 of shopping you spend at
Woolworths you receive one Jamie Oliver
sticker that you place on a card, you
need 5 stickers to purchase one item, so
for every $100.00 you spend you get to
purchase one item and then hand over
more money for whatever the item costs - as
an example: one mug is 5 stickers plus $5.00.

This is when you really become aware
of just how much you spend on shopping.

Jamie Oliver Dinnerware

In this lot, I purchased a total of
28 items so I had to hand over
140 stickers, that equates to
$2,800 spent on shopping plus
on top of that the amount that all of
these items cost.

I haven't even purchased
the bowls yet but I will and
have enough stickers so far
to get all the other items
I want.

This got me thinking about the cost
of grocery shopping and I don't just
shop at Woolies.

Like a lot of people now I visit many
different shops to maximise my
spending dollar.

Buying In Bulk

I shop between Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi,
Priceline, Sams (before it closed down) and
the Reject Shop.

I know a bargain when I see one and take
full advantage of it - all the items above
were purchased at Sams, stuff I would
regularly buy from them, all brands
that can be found at the major supermarkets.

As Sams were getting closer to closing they
continually reduced their prices - for the Palmolive
shampoo above I only paid $1.50 per bottle and
would regularly buy it from them for as little
as $3.00 compared to $5.48 at the supermarket.

The Garnier deodorant 50 cents, Palmolive
dishwashing liquid $1.00 and so on.

Buying at Bargain Prices

I loathe paying full price for groceries and always
check online catalogues before heading off
to shop, it saves me not only money but
precious time. Living rural we don't travel
a two hour round trip just to grab a couple
of items on special at one place and then go back
again two days later, everything is done in bulk.

Bulk Buys

I find that sometimes when things
are on special they're on the shelves
in limited numbers, it might take a
few trips (if they have stock left by the time we get
back to them) to
get the amount of items I want.

Checking the Catalogues

This is an example of when checking the
catalogue pays off.

Our favourite coffee is Moccona Mocha
Kenya, the largest size they come in are
these 200g jars, normally sold at
about $19.00 a jar, on special this week
for $8.74 - they only had these 6 left
on the shelf, however I saved over
$60.00 and not so long ago Woolworths
had basically the same special so a huge
saving on quality coffee for the past few months.

And I don't throw out the jars either - re-purposing.

Moccona Coffee Jars

I just dressed these up and added
different types of pasta for some
cheap upper shelf decoration in
the kitchen.

Free Gifts and Gifts with a Purchase

Who doesn't love a free gift?

Gifts with a purchase (GWP) are favourites
of mine, they don't work if you buy something
you wouldn't use or normally wouldn't buy just to get
the gift as you have to spend x amount to receive
the free gifts or purchase a particular product.

I also love loyalty clubs. 

Some are free, some will charge a fee to join, however
you sometimes receive joining gifts and monthly incentives
with paybacks based on a points system for the amount
spent over a particular period.

In the past month alone I've received over
$300.00 in free gifts, paybacks and discount
vouchers for just purchasing a few items I regularly
buy, my favourite is Innoxa. Twice, I've purchased one
item each time and have received
free Innoxa items worth over $100.00, these are
all products I now regularly use (because I'm old).

Loyalty is rewarded

There are many loyalty clubs and incentives
around, it's worth researching to find the
one that you're going to get the most out of.

When joining make sure you go online
and complete all your details, keep your
email and postal addresses up to date so
that incentives and discount vouchers will
find their way to you, quite often you'll
receive offers that are not available to
non members.

I should mention, all the Jamie Oliver
Dinnerware I purchased - of course I didn't
pay $5.00 for the mugs and side plates or
the $7.50 for the dinner plates, they
were on special. 

Storing my bulk buys

Finding places to store bulk buys
is the trickiest for me, I usually
stash them in different places that are
easy to get at and where I can see what
I have on hand, making sure I use
the oldest first.

Christmas is fast approaching so instead of
ending with a quote - for every blog post from
now until Christmas I'm going to state one thing
that irritates me about all things Christmas.

Christmas annoyance #1
''Jesus is the reason for the season."

What irritates me about this 'slogan' is
that it sounds, preachy and smug.

I'm well aware of what Christmas is
about and don't need to be told, reminded or
implied how I should be remembering
or celebrating it - to each their own.


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