Sunday, 21 June 2015


Most people know by now, I don't care for the Alice in
Wonderland story, in fact, I loathe it.

Having said that, I have a strange obsession to keep buying
the books, I like the concept of Alice in Wonderland, some
of the characters and all of the illustrations, but how it's
written is another story altogether.

Lewis Carroll's Alice turned 150 this year and I've managed to
find another vintage book from 1949, plus something very
small and cute to mark the occasion, adding them all to my
Alice book pile.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Isn't this just dinky?

The Tea Set Kit, Mad Hatter Tea Party Book and stickers were all packaged in
the box on the left with the stickers needing to be applied to the
tea set by the purchaser.

150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

I haven't finished applying my stickers and there's
no right or wrong way to add them, as in making
any particular pattern, however a word of warning, if you
buy one of these kits - use tweezers for the sake of
sanity, these stickers are a lot smaller than they look in this photo.

I'm going to reposition all of them and add a drop
of craft glue as they're quite slippery.

Happy Birthday Alice

I receive a number of emails asking why I really
don't like Alice. The answer was simply stated
by Alice when she exclaimed:

''Stuff and nonsense!"

The longer answer is that I can't concentrate on the storyline
when I'm constantly being interrupted by gibberish.

"We're all mad here."
- Alice in Wonderland

Much has been written about hidden meanings, subliminal
messages, maths, political satire, the state of Lewis Carroll's mind,
his childhood and other oddities to try and explain why the Alice book
is all over the shop.

I think the over analysing is nonsense in itself, there's
no use trying to make sense of drivel, trying to elevate Carroll as a
literary genius in the process - when he isn't, we're giving him far too
much credit for merely having a wild and disjointed imagination.

''Curiouser and curiouser."
- Alice in Wonderland

As to Mr Carroll's state of mind when he wrote
Alice, well I have no idea what it was or what may have
been running through his veins at the time and I don't care
to go poking into his relationship with Alice Liddell and her
family, the fact is, with pages ripped from his diary, we'll
never know for sure.

Whatever anyone thinks about this book, it has
stood the test of time, has been republished, reinvented
and rehashed into various forms and media
about - eleventy hundred times or more.

Vintage Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

While this book has a bashed about front cover
and is starting to become a little unstable it
doesn't detract from what's inside.

There's no real money value in the book either, however
if I should come across a better copy, I'd pull this
one apart and save the better full page glossy pictures by
framing them and the rest of the book I'd use in scrapbooking
an Alice theme.

"It would be so nice if something made
sense for a change."
- Alice in Wonderland

Alice, I couldn't agree more.

Tip from this blog post, comes once again from Alice in Wonderland.

"If everybody minded their own business, the world would go
around a great deal faster than it does.
-The Duchess


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