Sunday, 26 July 2015


A quick post for anyone looking for the Jamie Oliver
Dinnerware at bargain prices.

Woolworths have them on sale.
They're practically giving them away.

J.O Dinnerware

I picked up six dinner plates to add to my growing
collection - they were being sold for $2.00 each, you
don't need the stickers as that campaign is now over.

I also added another six mugs, selling for the
same price as the dinner plates, side plates also $2.00.

Woolworths, Jamie Oliver

The larger single bowls were $5.00 each and the box with
the two bowls are the same price, those bowls are actually smaller
than the picture shows, they're the size of dipping bowls.

I've been lucky and managed to buy a heap of this dinnerware
without paying full price and I haven't finished yet.

Blog tip for Pumpkin Soup

Homemade Pumpkin Soup

I use light Carnation Coconut Milk when making
my thick pumpkin soup - the taste is amazing.
I like to spice it up by adding a little chilli - and of
course - sprinkle of nutmeg and parsley.

Some questions answered.

Thermal Cooking: Yes, loving it, everything has cooked perfectly. Highly recommend it. 
Hot Water System: This from Twitter posts.
The old one died and we now have a brand new system.
Book Fairs: No, we haven't been to any recently, the last one was
back in May, had to cancel the Canberra fair as we had other commitments.
Caravan Curtains: Yes, I did get them all made, however I'm not happy
with the old curtain rods so I'm replacing them - I'm never satisfied.
Competitions: No, I've barely had the time to enter them, one or two
every now and then, I also get bored with them.
Caravan Trips: Yes, we're planning a decent one this year, only trouble
is, other things keep cropping up and the date just gets further away.
Humphrey Bear Hand Puppet: I added this here as I receive emails about him every now and then, watch for the next blog post as it's all about him.

Thanks for all your emails re Metti, Netta and other items, just remember it helps me to identify them if you include a picture.

To the lovely lady that enquired about the Enid Blyton Nature Plates, I'll try and get a few pictures of them up next week, I'll pop them on Flickr instead of here.
They'll have to be done in lots as there are 60 of them.


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