Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I've just realised that I'm quite the grub
when it comes to doing craft work.

I'm in a mess

The Mary Gilmore Festival is only days away and I've barely
started on my windows, I decided to wash all the curtains and
replace others - shouldn't have left it so late and I haven't
even started to paint the bench seat yet.

 I still have unopened
packets of Dolls House items...

It's almost pumpkin hour and I'm just about
to tackle another window, I hope to at least
put in about 4 hours work tonight starting
with the dolls house.

Sewing - still to do

While my craft room is in a shocking state, I 
have managed to complete a few other crafty
things that I've been meaning to do for a while
as well as a few interesting items for my windows.

Moccona Coffee Jars

I don't like throwing these out, they make
useful containers. Different types of pasta
and a few bits of decoration - I've added
these to my updated kitchen (photos next week).

The little wooden name tags came from
my scrapbooking stash, I just used some
blackboard paint on them and other bits and pieces
of scrap craft supplies - cheap as chips.

A strong cup of Mocha Kenya
to keep me awake

To all the people who have sent emails
wondering when I'm going to post
more book blogs;

 After the kitchen photos
I have a wonderful old vintage Australian book to blog
about, it's quite unusual and a book that I've been longing
to own for years, it's a familiar story with a twist -
and now I have it :-)

-Samuel Griswold Goodrich


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