Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Traditional sash windows might look nice but the ones in our
bedroom and dressing room were beyond help; the glass
 sliding door from our family room to the pergola was also knackered.

We haven't had any major reno work done in the last couple
of years but we did have this year ear marked to tackle
more of the jobs on our never ending list.


And that dodgy awning is going as well.

Both the bedroom and adjoining room are in desperate need of a total
refurbish; repair, paint, new window coverings and new furniture
(I have my eye on a nice bedroom suite).

The windows weren't fully secure so they had to go 
before any painting is done.

Room with a view

It was clear that this window had been taking in
moisture for quite some time.

We went for double hung tinted windows in cream
aluminium. The glass sliding door is also tinted
with black aluminium.

What a difference two days can make

Yes, it's raining...again and we're nice and dry.

I've had spotlight around for a measure and quote
and while I'm not that keen on vertical blinds (a bit office like)
they are a means to an end for the glass sliding door and two
other large windows in the same room so that everything
will be uniform - all black. 

The bedroom and adjoining room will have traditional
pull down blinds - I'm slowly getting rid of curtains and
replacing them all with blinds - black.

Not a good look

We had a new side door into our yard
with a doggy door for Shadow installed - too bad he
refuses to use it unless he's coaxed through.
A work in progress. 

Secure and sealed

No rain is getting in - all ready to be painted.

I've also ordered a new smaller dining room table and
chairs for our family room and totally fallen in love with baroque
ghost chairs.

Walk in pantry flat packs

We have the flat packs and carpet tiles for our walk
in pantry which has all been stripped out, sealed tight so
no unwanted four legged visitors or any other creepy crawlies
can get in - it's waiting to be painted. 

Replaced old power points in Kitchen

The electricians did a great job of installing the
metal power points in the kitchen, it wasn't an
easy job as the tiles had to be re-cut as did
the ceiling in the bathroom for the new heat/fan/lights thingy.
They didn't crack a single tile.

I've just about finished painting the two floors in
the display windows and the bigger display window has
had a few slaps of paint around the window frame.


I love the sound of birds but I've had enough of the two
squatters that have taken up residence very high up inside
the air vent alcove in one of the outside entrances.

I've managed to poke around inside it with a
long brush and I can't locate a birds nest.

Their poop is everywhere, if I miss a day cleaning
it up it's like trying to shift concrete.

I've tried scaring them away with a cat that has
reflective eyes - didn't work - they just crapped on its head.

I tried a motion sensor owl that hoots - didn't work - but
the sound has alerted me to something else when I'm
quick enough to get to the window. More on this later.

I bought another bigger owl with scary eyes and
attached it to the door - it didn't work.

I bought an owl wind chime and hung it directly in
front of where they fly into the alcove - it doesn't work.

I tried spraying Apple Cider Vinegar up around their
little home - they must like the smell - it doesn't work.

Now for plan five when I've summoned up the courage;
a long, long ladder, thin mesh to cover the opening - if I
wasn't scared of heights I would have made this plan one.

Victorian Doll House Pram

When I'm watching TV of a night and not trolling
through parish records hunting for my ancestors
or planning the eviction of two birds - I
manage to make a few things for my doll house.

When I bought this pram it didn't come with any
bedding and I didn't feel like sewing so I just
crocheted the accessories.

I haven't finished - the hood needs to be covered in a black
leather/ette with a frill and each side of the pram
needs a tiny metal badge to make it more authentic.

The doll house lights I bought work perfectly.
I've attached the hanging and wall lights with
magnets which makes them so much easier
to take off when I'm flicking the switches - a
useful tip from the doll house light lady.

I'll have some doll house pictures up at a later date with the lights on and how
it's set up now that I have a doll house family living there.


Lieutenant Colonel David Collins - Lieutenant Governor

My 5x great grandparents were among the first European settlers
at Sullivans Cove (Hobart Town) in 1804 who sailed on board the Calcutta
under the command of Lieutenant Colonel David Collins.

The fleet first arrived at Port Phillip Bay the previous year in October and after
unloading at Sullivan Bay near Sorrento and trying to make a go of the place they
upped sticks and left sometime later as it was deemed unsuitable for a settlement. 

The fleet sailed once again landing at Risdon in Van Diemen's Land - Collins didn't think Risdon was that flash either so once again they moved and settled at a place Collins named after John Sullivan who was the Under Secretary to the Colonies - Sullivans Cove. 

Risdon had previously been settled by John Bowen, however that settlement was abandoned when John Bowen decided to join David Collins down at Sullivans Cove - and Hobart Town was born.

You can meet the rest of my ancestors at the end of the month, unlike
my 5x great grandparents on the Calcutta, some didn't
make the journey to Van Diemen's Land by choice. 

Well, I do keep saying my family history blog will be up by next week or next month and it never happens. I've loaded truck loads of info onto the blog and I can't believe I started doing that over 12 months ago. Research and verifying information is a slow job and most of my convict ancestors and their families have quite a number of records to get through.

While family history is never ending and I will keep adding to the pages that I've done I did want to have a certain amount of family pages up and running before letting the blog loose.

Nine days to go.

"Religion is regarded by the common people as
true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful."
 - Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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