Thursday, 11 July 2013


I've had this little doll made by Ideal for about six years and even with markings on the back of her head and on the right cheek of her bottom I can't identify her.

Ideal Doll.

She stands about seven inches high and reminds me of a cross between the Uneeda Sophisticates dolls and Pee Wees.

For some reason I had an idea that her name was something like Busby?

I'm not getting mixed up with the Ideal Bibsy doll as I know what she looks like.

Cute little Ideal girl with markings
on head and bottom.

The marking on the back of her head reads:
Ideal Toy Corps 1986 (or 1966 as it could be read either way)
lP G-H 47 (the l could be L?)

While the marking on her bottom reads:

Ideal Toy Corps 1986 (or 1966 as it could
 be read either way)

Ideal doll but who am I?

Apparently Ideal used to sell parts of dolls to other doll manufacturers, I don't know if this would explain why I can't identify the doll using my normal searches?

I'm sure she had a little beaded bracelet on her wrist, it must have fallen off in the cupboard somewhere, he eyes are fixed, legs are fixed, head and arms move, there are no labels on her lace dress or undies and she's in great condition.

Poor little girl just needs a name.

I'd love to know who she is.

What is told in the ear of a man is often heard
100 miles away. -Chinese Proverb

UPDATE: I have been advised she is from the Kissy doll range.

Ideal did make Kissy dolls in the 1960's she is not from then, they are a totally different dolls.

In the 1970's Ideal bought out a different Kissy doll, 3 inches tall however this doll does not belong to that series - there are a few of those dolls on the internet.

I assume she is from the 1980's but still no definite identification for her and I can find no pictures of her.

A few other doll collectors have advised me she is not in their Ideal reference books and they have no clue, one lady did agree that it looks like she may be a later Kissy doll?


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